Blokarting on Texel | €30,00 p.p.

Fancy something active where you can feel the wind rushing around your ears? Texel Active is the blokart specialist on Texel!

Blokarten on Texel

After the instruction you will receive your own blokart from us and you will learn the intricacies of sailing on the beach in no time!

Blokarten is suitable for young and old and can be booked throughout the year. From 12 years you can already drive yourself and under that age we have a special DUOKART. Then parent and child can sail across the beach together!

Weather conditions

Blokarten is an activity that depends on the weather conditions. Blokart can continue from 11 knots, In addition, we need low water for this activity. Look below for the calendar when blokarting is possible on Texel and book your adventure right away!


  • Location: Strand van Paal 28, Krimweg 660 - de Cocksdorp
  • When: Every day possible, depending on the weather and tide.
  • Age: from 12 years, up to 14 years we advice to have a volonteer to help, under 12 we have DUOKARTs available for an additional charge
  • Weight: Maximum 110 kg.
  • Clothing advice: comfortable clothing that can get dirty and slightly wet.

what if there is no wind? Or too much wind?

Unfortunately we do not control the weather gods ourselves. It can sometimes be that there is too little or too much wind for the blokarting.
We will then contact you and offer an alternative activity. This could be for example:
e-skating, Segway riding, kayaking and rafting, paintball or any other activity that is possible without wind.

If you do not choose an alternative, you will receive a voucher from us to Blokart another time.

Climbingpark Texel

The greatest adventure for young and old at height! Our climbing park is located at:
holiday park de Krim in the Cocksdorp. And is accessible to everyone.

Open daily during the holidays!


Paintball Texel ... A smash hit during your stay on Texel. Both for the kids and adults there is enough spectacle to experience !!!

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