E-sports | €25,00 p.p.

Experience the 2 coolest electric board sporards out there now! Onewheeling and Eskating combined in our activity: E-Sports.

Off-road e-skating; on a super strong skateboard with which you can easily get through hills and deep potholes. Stepping, kicking and pushing off are now a thing of the past.

And experience the ultimate feeling of wave surfing and snowboarding on land while onewheeling!


A onewheel is a 1 wheeled means of transport which is identical to surfing and snowboarding in terms of control & feel. But don't depend on the conditions to enjoy shredding! It looks quite impossible... Balancing on 1 wheel. But the Onehweel is a technically ingenious device that keeps you in balance. This way you can easily drive around our sports field within 5-10 minutes.


This electric skateboard can do it all! With the fully electric skateboards with no less than 2x 800 Watt motors, you can easily ride the off-road course that we have set out especially for you after a short explanation and practice round.
We start the activity with balancing on the board and making turns. As soon as everyone has mastered the board well, we go over challenging courses and you can try out the speed button!


In addition to a helmet, you can also choose to wear wrist, knee and elbow protectors. Unfortunately, these E-sports are not without the risk of injuries. So think in advance whether you are sporty enough to participate in this activity.


  • Location: gerritslanderdijke 2 - den Burg
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Age: From 12 years and older
  • Clothing advice: Nice clothing that you can move around in

Are you with 10 or more friends? Then it is also possible on a different day, time and location. Please contact us!
Any questions? Chat with our Robot Nano or check the FAQ under the booking form to see if your question is listed here.

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Do I have to have experience with Skating?

No that is not necessary. If you have experience with skating, surfing or snowboarding, it will be easier in the beginning, but we can teach everyone!

Is there a weight limit for offroad e-skating?

Unfortunately yes, the maximum weight is 100 kg.

How fast do the offroad E-skateys go?

This varies by person, weight, surface and other factors, but they can reach about 30 km / h.

How old do I have to be for E-skating?

You must be at least 12 years or older to be allowed to e-skate. Younger is unfortunately not allowed and is not possible, because people are often still too light to be able to control the board.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

You are allowed to wear sporty clothing that you can move in well. In addition, good sturdy shoes that are well secured.
You can get a little dirty in wet weather.

Will this activity also continue with rain?

Yes, the activity can also continue when it rains a little. Then put on your rain gear!

Can parents also participate in this activity?

Sure! If you have a sporty attitude, you can participate up to all ages.

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Our guests give us an average of 9! Below you will find some reviews:
Raimond Kollman
6 maanden geleden

Leuke ervaring en zeker een aanrader als je op Texel bent! Alles stond prima op tijd klaar, uitleg was duidelijk. Voor de kinderen had er iets meer uitleg mogen zijn hoe ze nu beter op snelheid komen en blijven, maar dat mocht de pret niet drukken :-).

arjan hoogendoorn
8 maanden geleden

we hebben super genoten . we hebben de one wheel , e foilen en blokarten gedaan . het lijkt allemaal moeilijker dan het is . na goede uitleg lukte het bij ons allemaal in korte tijd . we hadden het niet verwacht ondanks dat de meeste 50 + zijn.

Hrrck vd Linde
een maand geleden

Kou en tijd speelt geen rol. Blokarten wil je (ik) altijd!! Grt Herrick.

Laura Roth
een jaar geleden

Een uur lang met een grote glimlach in een blokart gezeten! Wat een leuke en enigszins spannende activiteit als de wind er lekker in komt. Goede en enthousiaste uitleg gekregen en tussendoor volop aanmoedigingen. Ook leuk dat er foto's werden gemaakt en later naar ons toe gestuurd!

Mona van de Bilt-Koot
een jaar geleden

Vandaag ondanks de regen, maar met een heerlijke wind, genoten van het Blowkarten. Het was voor ons de eerste keer maar door de goede uitleg heb je het zo onder de knie:) De begeleiding was super en kundig...Goed georganiseerd!! Voor herhaling vatbaar :-)