Reservations can be made online via the relevant activity. In the reservation form you can see if and how much space is still available.

Can't find what you are looking for? Perhaps your question is in the FAQ below.

Can't figure it out yet? Fill in the contactform at the bottom of this page. You can also always send an e-mail to:

Unfortunately, we cannot be reached by phone, because we do what we love to do, outdoor sports and entertain guests!
We are online 24/7!


Will the activity continue in bad weather (rain)?

Yes, almost all our activities continue as normal, even with a little rain our activities continue as usual! Always take your rain gear with you.

If the activity is canceled due to certain weather conditions, we will let you know.

What if an activity is canceled?

Texel Active always offers a replacement activity.
If this is not possible, you will receive a voucher from us to return at a later time.
Are you unable to use it yourself? Hopefully you can make someone else happy with this!

How can I make a reservation for an activity?

You can do this quickly and easily via the book direct button at one of the activities.

Is there no availability here anymore? Then it is unfortunately not possible that day or we are already fully booked.

Reservations can only be made online on the website.

I have booked but received no confirmation, is that correct?

No, if you have booked and paid, you will always receive a confirmation email after a few minutes.

Always check your unwanted email and / or SPAM box. Is he not in this either? Send an email to with the name on which you made the booking, then we will check whether the booking has been made.

Can I also pay for the activity on the spot?

Online reservations are only final if you also pay for them immediately.

Cash payment on the spot is therefore only possible if a reservation has been made outside the reservation system. This can be done on the beach in cash.

In our climbing park and with paintball you can also pay by pin.

Why do I have to be there 15 minutes in advance?

This so that we can start the activity at the agreed time. There is nothing more annoying that others can carry out the booked activity for a shorter time because you are 10 minutes late ...

How old do I have to be for an activity?

You must be 12 years or older for (almost) all of our activities.

There are a few exceptions to this;

Climbing is allowed independently from 10 years or older, under 10 years an adult must accompany you and at least 1.30 with a long.

Kidspaintball is allowed from 8 years or older.
Adult paintball is 16 years or older.


What location is my booked activity at?


Beach, Paal 28 - De Cocksdorp
Navigatie; Krimweg 660


Beach, Paal 28 - De Cocksdorp
Navigatie; Krimweg 660

Kayakking and rafting

Beach, Paal 9 - den Hoorn​​​​​​​
Navigatie; Hoornderslag 8


Holidaypark de Krim - De Cocksdorp​​​​​​​
Navigatie; Roggeslootweg 6

Offroad E-skaten & Onewheel

At Bloem en Bos - Den Burg​​​​​​​
Navigatie; Gerritslanderdijkje 2 


Paintballfield - Kustpark Texel de Koog​​​​​​​
Navigatie; Schumakersweg 3


Surfbeach Waddensea - 
Navigatie: Ijsdijk 26 - Oudeschild

I want to cancel, how do I do that?

Our general terms and conditions of delivery apply to every booking. Changes to the reservation or cancellations can only be communicated to us by email.

Where can I find the (cancellation)conditions?

The cancellation conditions can be consulted via the following link: terms and conditions.

I would like to change the number of people I have booked for.

Changes to the reservation can only be communicated to us by e-mail up to 5 working days in advance.

Please provide your reservation number and possibly which activity you have booked, under which name and on which date.

I want to move my booked activity, is that possible?

Where possible, we will always do our best to respond to this request.
However, this is very dependent on the other reservations.

Send an email to with your reservation number and to which date and time you would like to move it.

First check whether there is still availability on the website.

I forgot what day and what time I booked ...

That is difficult ... If you have booked and paid, you will receive an email from us with the confirmation. This contains the date and time.

Didn't receive an email? Then this might be in the spam ....

Not found either? Send us an email to with the name under which you have booked, which activity and of course what your question is. Then we will get back to you by email as soon as possible.

I'm late, now what?

Oops, too late? Then come to the indicated location as soon as possible!

Have we already started with the explanation? Then you have to wait until we have started up the rest of the group and register afterwards. Unfortunately, this does take your time.

Missed the boat? And do you therefore miss almost the entire activity? Then contact us directly by telephone and we will see what is still possible.

Why can't I reach you by phone?

Texel Active employees are really outdoor people and prefer to be active in the open air!

In order to give you the best possible experience, our online reservation system is leading and for other questions, we ask you to really send an email to or chat with our robot if your question is not listed in this FAQ.

I have a specific question about an activity.

The specific questions per activity can be found in the FAQ on the page of the relevant activity or you can perhaps ask our chat robot. 

Are you open all year round?

Yes! We are open all year round and many activities can also be booked all year round on fixed days and times.

Can I also come by the office to book an activity?

This could be, but we are also often doing what we love to do, playing outside! So there is not always someone present at our office (Gerritslanderdijkje 2 Den Burg). Please send us a e-mail to make a appointment first. 

Do activities continue during a Pandemic? (COVID-19)

We will of course always keep you informed of what is and is not allowed with regard to certain rules from the government. You can find information about this here.

Can the dog go to an activity?

Yes, as long as someone stays with the dog as a sitter, that is not a problem.

Where can I leave a review?

Great that you want to leave a review! You can do this quickly and easily via the following link: Google review

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